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Below is a list of seminars with dates. If you see a seminar that you may have missed and/or would like to host a seminar on another date please contact us.

Preventing & Managing Disease (4 part series – January 4-February 22)

Inflammation and Why It’s Bad (January 4)

What is Leaky Gut and Why Do I Care? (January 25)

Autoimmune Disease – What is it and do I have one? (February 8)

Consistency outside of nutrition challenges (February 22)

Lifestyle Series (4 part series – March 28-May 9)

Stressing & Rest (March 28)

Sleep & Sun Exposure (April 11)

Flexibility (April 25)

Sleep (May 9)

Family Matters (4 part series May 23-June 25)

Obstacles (May 23)

Feeding Kids (June 6)

Paleo on any budget (June 13)

Shopping at Grocery Store/Farmer’s Market/Hendersonville Produce (June 25)

Cooking (4 part series)





Hacks (2 part series)

What the heck is a hack? Paleo biohacking

Fitness hacks

The Good, The Bad, and The Shades of Gray (8 part series)

The Good: Protein – what, how much & why
Fruits & Veggies – what, how much & why
Fats – what, how much & why and transitioning into “The Bad”

The Bad:

Legumes & Corn & Gluten

The Shades of Gray:


Preparing for Success (4 part series)

Planning for Success – Be Intentional

Being Mindful at Parties/Preparing for Holiday Feasts

Creating a Lifestyle/Not a 30 Day Deprivation Plan

Family & Friends/Success During Peer Pressure, Temptation, Christmas Fudge, Cookies & FOOD