Hey there!  I’m Angela.  And this is my dog, Klodhopper – we call him Klod.  He’s my baby (my daughter says he’s our favorite child) and he helps me stay active.  Maybe you have a four-legged baby who keeps you active, too?

I’m so glad you’re here – joining me on this journey of food, exercise and every other important factor in living life optimally.  By optimally, I mean without unnecessary disease, weight, stress, or anything else keeping us from our very best. 

Today I want to talk about movement – mobility – activity – exercise – you know, that stuff we never have time, money, desire or energy for.  The stuff we so easily make excuses not to do.  I mean – there are tons of reasons not to do it and plenty of Pinterest memes laughing off the idea.  Like, “Let’s go running.  Said no one ever.”

But are these excuses truly valid?  Like seriously valid? 

So you don’t have time to exercise.  No time.  At.  All.  Can I really say I am actually doing something valuable and productive during every waking moment?  Or do I spend time in front of the tv on a regular basis?  Or get sucked into hours wasted on social media?  Or maybe I just like hanging with my friends and family lots (which is actually not a bad thing)?  Most people (if not all) actually do have time to exercise when they seriously evaluate how they are actually spending their time.  Excuse 1 debunked.

It’s too expensive.  I can’t afford it.  Really?  This is pretty much the lamest when you consider walking out your front door and around the block doesn’t cost you a penny.  It doesn’t take an expensive gym membership to get yourself moving.  I mean, gym memberships are great and all, but not everyone can go that route.  If that’s you, don’t let it stop you from regaining your wellness.  Just get up and get moving.  Start parking in the farthest spot so you have to walk a bit to get into the grocery store, etc.  Take the stairs whenever possible.  Even if you’re going to the 15th floor!  Sprint to the end of your driveway 10 times twice a week.  Just move.

I have no energy – no desire to exercise.  Well I wonder why?  Our bodies become accustomed to how we treat them.  If you just get up and get moving on a regular basis, your body will be accustomed to that and pretty soon you will have the energy and desire — and even motivation! — to exercise.

Listen, nothing worth doing is easy.  At least I’ve never come across anything that was easy and worth doing.  Except maybe … ya, nope … nothing.

With all of the amazing technology at our fingertips, we really have no excuses to not get moving.  Try the free 7 minute workout app.  Or try the free Moves app which logs your daily activity.  Check out dansplan.com.  The possibilities are endless, but you have to be willing to step out … literally.

Exercise must be intentional.  It doesn’t just happen.  That would be so much easier, right?  I’ve just gone through a move, graduating a son from college, attending early registration for my daughter, holding a national speech and debate tournament and now launching Paleo Spectrum (my new health and wellness coaching practice).  I have been active for sure, but I haven’t been intentional about it – not intentional about exercise.  This is a new week.  I have been intentional.  It’s the start of something good.  Be intentional with me.  Let’s do this together!

Until next time!

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